Valuable lessons learned essay

Sumukh Tendulkar is the world wide leader of Product Marketing for IBM Security. In his role, Sumukh is responsible for understanding market trends and for positioning IBM's product portfolio to solve customer's cybersecurity challenges. Sumukh has deep experience in CyberSecurity, previously he managed product marketing at RSA Security. He also was the VP of Products at Neokami (acquired by relar), where he used AI algorithms to address security and privacy problems. Sumukh has BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai, and MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

How funny?! I was in IT field too, but I was there way longer than you are. I worked for Intel for about 13 years before I quit three years ago. One thing this interview didn’t touch is when did you start your photography hobby, I know both you and your husband are into photography. I loved hearing you sharing your story how you transformed your life from one world to another….. It is inspiring for me to hear that especially it is what’s happening to me now. Looking forward to having you share more stories along the line of how you turn your blog to business so successfully and what are the key tips you can share with us all!!

Valuable lessons learned essay

valuable lessons learned essay


valuable lessons learned essayvaluable lessons learned essayvaluable lessons learned essayvaluable lessons learned essay