Thesis type 2 diabetes

I AM A 68YEAR OLD WAS DIANOSED WITH TYPE II DIABETESFOUR YEARS AGO HAVE BEEN ON METFORMIN HAD A STROKE IN MY EYE LOST THE VISION NOW I HAVE DEVELOPED GLAUCOMA SO THE EYE ME ON THREE KINDS OF DROPS TWO TIMES A DAY ONE OF THESE IS A STERIOD SO NOW MY READINGS ARE BETWEEN 130 &140in the mornings .but when my a1ccame back it was the was great so i am thinkingthat during the day my sugarsmust be running good .i feel that i am very sensitive to the steriods and that causesthe high readings .would like input on this another note i also have diarea at times but i dont seem to have other problems.

After breaking my left leg racing motorcycles ", took almost a year to heal " I got the freeze on my left shoulder. I thought it was from being on crutches for so long. Had forced manipulation done under anestsia sorry if I didn't spell that right . Shoulder came back to about 85%. Now one year later have it in the other shoulder and knowing more now I manipulate and stretch all the time but the pain is increasing and the sleep is hard to come by. I even continue to race and scream at the top of my lungs when it just goes a little to far. Guess I will need to go back in for some surgery lovin. And yes I have type 1 diabetes. Iam 47 yrs old and have learned to roll with the punches of a worn out body but I am gonna take till their isn't anymore to take. Stay positive my fellow frozen friends.

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Thesis type 2 diabetes

thesis type 2 diabetes


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