Robert paul wolff dissertation

In 1962 during the trial in Israel of Adolf Eichmann , evidence showed that Wolff had organised the deportation of Italian Jews in 1944. Wolff was again tried in West Germany and in 1964 was convicted of deporting 300,000 Jews to the Treblinka extermination camp , the deportation of Italian Jews to Auschwitz , and the massacre of civilians in Belarus . Sentenced to fifteen years' imprisonment in Straubing , Wolff served only part of his sentence and was released in 1969 due to ill health, with his full civil rights restored in 1971. He claimed to have known nothing about the Nazi extermination camps , even though he was a senior general in the SS. In reality, Wolff was a part of Himmler's entourage during several of his visits to the concentration camps, as documented by photos from the Bundesarchiv .

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Robert paul wolff dissertation

robert paul wolff dissertation


robert paul wolff dissertationrobert paul wolff dissertationrobert paul wolff dissertationrobert paul wolff dissertation