Refugee law essays

Women are the worst, but also the best, in the trying times of death and catastrophe. A good woman can see what work needs doing. She does it; gets help when needed. Leaves the men to stand around “being strong.” (The best of the men also make themselves useful.) Food always needs cooking; there is cleaning to be done; other details to take care of. Contemplation requires leisure; let the grieving have the leisure they require. They ask for no advice: give none. Don’t distract with offers of help that are both unnecessary and insincere. Instead be attentive to request, and act — invisibly. Be there, on call like a soldier; and like a good soldier, shut up.

The only national leader who’s gotten close to raising this concern is Representative David Rivera, a Florida Republican, who addressed it during a campaign debate in October with his opponent, Joe Garcia—who ended winning the election. Rivera spoke of revising the existing US law—but not to avert a flood of new Cuban refugees. A Cuba hard-liner, he complained about Cubans who availed themselves of the benefits America offers—but then returned to Cuba, even just for a visit. These people, Rivera averred, should not be allowed to become American citizens.

Rents, by comparison, are cheap. Upwardly mobile refugees look for ways to move outside the camp. Nearby apartments in the village are inhabited by the Palestinian middle class: doctors, nurses, teachers, and administrators who can afford higher quality housing but want to remain close to their community and relief services like healthcare and education. This depresses rental prices within the camp, and cheap rents have attracted Syrians displaced by the civil war. Palestinian camps in Beirut have even received poor immigrants from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and the Philippines.

Refugee law essays

refugee law essays


refugee law essaysrefugee law essaysrefugee law essaysrefugee law essays