Railway station scene essay in hindi

This paper by C. A. Irish, written in 1926/1927, has been copied from the published article. Some 1125 station names are given. In accord with the author's foreword, errors, where found, have been corrected. Irish's meaning for Nulabor is wrong. This word is of Latin origin, not Aboriginal. The meaning and/or origin of other entries may also be wrong. Spelling errors, from when the text was scanned, may now be present. The word Koori has been used to replace words which perhaps were acceptable to the mono-cultural society of 1926/1927, but which are derogatory to the Australian Aborigines and which, are unacceptable now.

Being not far from Pinewood Studios , Central station was extensively used in Carry On Loving , one of the Carry On films. The film was released in 1970, at which time much of the original station was still intact. In the opening sequence, the station doubles as 'Much-Snogging-On-The-Green', where Terry Scott 's character boards a British Rail DMU . Later in the film, the taxi rank and approaches to the station are used as Sidney Bliss ( Sid James ) boards a taxi after being followed into the toilets by Charles Hawtrey in disguise.

By the mid-1960s, plans were floated to rationalise the stations - the 1914 upside platform at Gloucester Central was reduced to a parcels-only platform and Gloucester Eastgate was reduced to two platforms. There was also a proposal for an entirely new station on the triangular junction east of the existing stations, to avoid the troublesome reversals, but this was not taken further. Even then, although the through-platforms of Gloucester Eastgate on the Bristol-Birmingham (former Midland Railway) line avoided the still-current problems with trains having to reverse direction, it was seen as a hindrance because the Tuffley Loop line had five level crossings, which caused a lot of traffic problems in town. Therefore, in 1975, Gloucester Eastgate and the Tuffley Loop line were closed and all operations were concentrated at Gloucester Central. This station was redeveloped and re-opened in 1977 with new station buildings and an extended platform at 1977 ft, long enough to take two Inter-City 125 trains then being introduced to the Western Region. In 1984, the 1914 parcels platform was brought back into use as a passenger platform and a new footbridge was opened to provide access.

Railway station scene essay in hindi

railway station scene essay in hindi


railway station scene essay in hindirailway station scene essay in hindirailway station scene essay in hindirailway station scene essay in hindi