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Great digging, investigating and reporting. Terrible indictment. I think Alex Symington summed it up. I myself have serious trouble feeling good about a lot of what psychiatry does. In this case, though, it seems no psychiatrist is running or oversighting the running of De Poo? I wonder, this really ain’t politically correct, if the tortured soul who hung herself is happier where she now is? I hope so, because she apparently was miserable being alive and apparently was not getting help with it, and/or was getting help she could have done without, all based on the blue paper article.

In 2012, Rwanda's national land registry completed a nearly four-year project that, for the first time, mapped the country's million parcels and prepared title documents for 8 million landholders. The program established a system for registering and transferring landownership, but long-term success hinged on ensuring that Rwandans registered all property transactions going forward. When a 2012 survey revealed that seven out of eight landowners neglected to pick up their titles, a registry team rapidly launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the importance of titling and reporting transactions while managers simplified procedures and registration forms. By mid 2017, registrations of sales, purchases, and other transfers had begun to increase, but more improvements were still needed. 

Publix research paper

publix research paper


publix research paperpublix research paperpublix research paperpublix research paper