Psoriasis thesis

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    True incidence and prevalence of keloid in United States is not known. Indeed, there has never been a population study to assess the epidemiology of this disorder. In his 2001 publication, Marneros [14] stated that “reported incidence of keloids in the general population ranges from a high of 16% among the adults in Zaire to a low of % in England,” quoting from Bloom’s 1956 publication on heredity of keloids. [15] We do however know, from clinical observations that the disorder is more common among Africans, African Americans and Asians with unreliable and very wide estimated prevalence rates ranging from -16%. [16] [17] Thorough and scientific population and epidemiology studies of this disorder are desperately needed.

    Psoriasis thesis

    psoriasis thesis


    psoriasis thesispsoriasis thesispsoriasis thesispsoriasis thesis