Proposal study

The marketability or salability of the proposed product is anticipated, since this project entails comfort, easy and convenient to use compared to existing foot deodorizer.  The demand of the product shall be based on the past demand of foot deodorant products consumed by each household population of Tarlac City’s urban barangays, and the supply shall be based on the number of foot deodorant purchased from several distributors/suppliers.  The market share of this product is % of the average yearly demand from 2003-2207, which is equivalent to 178,546 pairs of shoe insole deodorizer but considering the result of the survey conducted by the researchers, the researcher had decided to increase the average capacity of the plant from 178,546 to 1800,000 for the first year of operation.  The proposed selling of the product shall be Php which is inclusive of value added tax (VAT).  The project will sell the proposed product in cash discount basis.  And limited its retail price to 20% increase from the set factory price to the retailer (distributor) to achieve the pricing objective of meeting the existing price competition in the market.  The Product shall be introduced and promoted through posters, billboards, banners and radio ads.

The speaker is a Protestant and a member of the Irish upper class. While he professes sympathy for the plight of the poor Catholic population, he also holds a fairly contemptuous opinion of them. He takes great pains to enumerate the advantages of his proposed project for the wealthy, who would presumably be called upon to implement it. Yet Swift's irony implicates this moneyed class for their monetary greed, their personal indulgence, their unflagging attention to their own self-interest, and their indifference to the state of the poor and the state of the nation as a whole.

Proposal study

proposal study


proposal studyproposal studyproposal studyproposal study