Poverty is the mother of crime essay

Again, what they discovered surprised them. Rather than viewing unplanned fatherhood as a burden, the men almost uniformly saw it as a blessing. “It’s so antithetical to a middle-class perspective,” Edin says. “But it finally dawned on us that these guys thought that by bringing children in the world they were doing something good in the world.” Everything else around them—the violence, the poverty, their economic prospects—was so negative, she explains, a baby was “one little dot of color” on a black-and-white canvas.

Unlike many other Western countries, the mortality rate for asthma has steadily risen in the United States over the last two decades. [54] Mortality rates for African American children due to asthma are also far higher than that of other racial groups. [55] For African Americans, the rate of visits to the emergency room is 330 percent higher than their white counterparts. The hospitalization rate is 220 percent higher and the death rate is 190 percent higher. [53] Among Hispanics, Puerto Ricans are disporpotionatly affected by asthma with a disease rate that is 113 percent higher than non-Hispanic Whites and 50 percent higher than non-Hispanic Blacks. [53] Studies have shown that asthma morbidity and mortality are concentrated in inner city neighborhoods characterized by poverty and large minority populations and this affects both genders at all ages. [56] [57] Asthma continues to have an adverse effects on the health of the poor and school attendance rates among poor children. million days of school are missed each year due to asthma. [53]

It is thus clear that leniency in the Philippines is a myth, and the notion of the crime fitting the punishment is non existent. For instance, what can one steal that is less than the value of USD , or what can one steal to feed a family that has a rice weight of less than a tablespoon? This is not to advocate or excuse theft by individuals; however, it is necessary to realize that petty theft is a daily occurrence, particularly given that half of the Filipino population struggle to meet their food expenses 1 . In the interests of justice and liberty, petty crimes deserve petty punishment. A Roman philosopher and Emperor, Marcus Aurelius once said that “poverty is the mother of crime”. If we seek to apply justice in the Philippines, we need to change the current legislation of brutal punishment and focus our energies on combating this “mother of crime”.

Poverty is the mother of crime essay

poverty is the mother of crime essay


poverty is the mother of crime essaypoverty is the mother of crime essaypoverty is the mother of crime essaypoverty is the mother of crime essay