Online shopping opinion essay

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"Dark stores really bring availability up and make internet shopping a more viable option for a lot more shoppers than when goods are picked in store," said Andy Stevens, senior retail analyst at market research firm will more than double the number of online delivery slots available when it opens its second fulfilment centre in south London this autumn. Tesco is expected to open its seventh dark store in Didcot, Oxfordshire, later this year. The UK's biggest online grocer opened two dark stores in 2013 and has previously said it is scouting for further sites in Birmingham and Manchester. Its newest centre in Erith, south east London, can process 4,000 orders a day and offer 30,000 different items, 50% more than the average store. The site has also been designed to help Tesco launch same-day deliveries, a service already offered by Asda and Ocado.

The article said: "The relentless rise of online shopping is posing a huge challenge for US shopping malls, developers and investors who own shares and bonds in household names. The core problem is a dramatic overbuilding of stores, coupled with the rise of e-commerce, Richard Hayne, Urban Outfitters’ chief executive, told analysts on a conference call earlier this year. “This created a bubble, and like housing, that bubble has now burst,” Mr Hayne said. “We are seeing the results: Doors shuttering and rents retreating. This trend will continue for the foreseeable future and may even accelerate.”

Online shopping opinion essay

online shopping opinion essay


online shopping opinion essayonline shopping opinion essayonline shopping opinion essayonline shopping opinion essay