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When most of the nation was recovering from the Great Recession, Rhode Island was on a different path . From June 2009 to June 2016, national employment increased by percent while employment in Rhode Island increased by only percent.
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  • Putting your liberal arts degree to work

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  • Differences in parents’ time use between the summer and the school year
  • Hispanics in the United States: Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Consumer Expenditures on Admissions to the Arts, Movies, Sporting Events, and Other Entertainment

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  • Most Dangerous Jobs?
  • Thinking about Summer Jobs
  • By the Numbers: Spending Habits of Older Americans
  • Why This Counts: How the Consumer Price Index Affects You
  • BLS Staff Member Receives Prestigious Honor
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  • Occupational Outlook Handbook 2016–17 edition
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In response to the growing literature in mathematics, computer science and statistics, which suggests that traditional statistical disclosure limitation or disclosure avoidance methods may not be strong enough to protect public-use tabular and microdata releases in the future, the Census Bureau has launched a major effort to modernize. Our current efforts focus on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing, the American Community Survey, and the 2017 Economic Census. Eventually, we will extend them to all public-use products released under the Bureau’s Title 13 confidentiality pledge.

Latest research papers quantum computing

latest research papers quantum computing


latest research papers quantum computinglatest research papers quantum computinglatest research papers quantum computinglatest research papers quantum computing