Kolb fry essay

Finally at the end of this reflection report it can be concluded that people's visualization may vary person to person but it's important not to go far away from our main topic. This report is basically the reflection of work that I have done in my main project. Form the word reflection we can presume that it is a middle process of turning experience into learning. (Boyd and Fales, 1983) So form the above definition we can say that reflection is the process through which person can become efficient in one behaviour by repeating the same behaviour again and again or may learned from his previous experiences in order to improve his techniques. Last but not the list, in order to increase generic skills outcomes, presentation and evaluation skills more effectively we need to utilized the concept of reflection in the academic purposes as well as outside the academic field.

Kolb fry essay

kolb fry essay


kolb fry essaykolb fry essaykolb fry essaykolb fry essay