Hypothesis formulation in research

B.  Predictions:
1.  Even though genes are discrete entities, if each locus has a slight additive effect, these discrete genes can determine "continuous" variation
2.  The magnitude of the phenotypic variance is directly proportional to the (predicted) frequency of heterozygotes in the population (and highest when allele frequencies are equal)
3.  The degree to which progeny look like their parents is determined mainly by the fraction of the phenotypic variance due to additive inheritance
4.  If the phenotype is determined by additive inheritance and allele frequencies do not change, the mean phenotype remains the same

Jack Vance 's science fiction novel The Languages of Pao centers on an experiment in modeling a civilization by tweaking its language. The future planet of Pao, inhabited by peasant cultivators who bow passively to absolute monarchy and are prey to foreign invaders, creates three castes - of warriors, merchants, and technicians - each with a specifically-tailored language designed to instill the appropriate skills and mindsets. As a result the planet overcomes its foreign military invaders and economic exploiters, but becomes dangerously divided into mutually-hostile castes - and this is overcome by developing yet another language, a "pastiche" which combines elements from the languages of the three castes as well as the planet's original language, this Pastiche becoming the language of the reunified, versatile society.

Hypothesis formulation in research

hypothesis formulation in research


hypothesis formulation in researchhypothesis formulation in researchhypothesis formulation in researchhypothesis formulation in research