Holocaust research paper example

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Now that we’ve got an idea about how to write a good research report, we’re going to begin writing our own research reports about the Holocaust that we’ll finish up publishing as our own books about the Holocaust. Where do we start? Pass out “Writing a Thesis Statement” sheets. We begin with a main idea – pick one from the board or from your KWL chart and write down your topic on your “Writing a Thesis Statement” sheet. You can use this to help you later as you develop your thesis statement. What should we do next? How do we begin our research? (Begin with encyclopedia kind of books then look up details in specific books, newspaper and magazine articles, Internet, etc.)
Go to library to research. As students research, walk around and ask all students about their research. Have you copied down all of the bibliographic information you need to cite your sources? Are you gathering interesting quotes and summarizing ideas of your articles? What might you use in your introduction? Jot down these ideas on your “Writing Your Introduction” sheet. Your body? Conclusion?

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Holocaust research paper example

holocaust research paper example


holocaust research paper exampleholocaust research paper exampleholocaust research paper exampleholocaust research paper example