Gcse english frankenstein coursework

The Level of Analysis here is very detailed. The candidate discusses a number of literary techniques used by Orwell to create the sense of corrupt power. In many ways, this is what Orwell always wrote about, and the recognition of the links to the Russian Revolution of 1917 could've been made more explicit and integrated within the essay but nonetheless, this essay covers an extensive range of analytical points, all sourced with evidence from the novel. I would however, prefer it if the majority of evidence given with the points was actually directly quoted from the novel either from Orwell's narrative of from character speech, as it shows a deep understanding of how to source efficiently from the text given and also improves the potency of the analysis.
The candidate does well to comment on how Napoleon seizes power and despite his faith in Old Major's idealist views of Animalism, manipulates the rules that were all set out for all the animals to obey in order to shift their social authority to a position of rule. This is exactly what Lord Acton was saying in his famous quote and to see that the candidate referred to this quote and this very moment shows someone who can link back to the question coherently.

Gcse english frankenstein coursework

gcse english frankenstein coursework


gcse english frankenstein courseworkgcse english frankenstein courseworkgcse english frankenstein courseworkgcse english frankenstein coursework