Fellowships dissertation

Grantees may not accept other awards that provide a comparable stipend during the tenure of this fellowship nor may they undertake substantial outside employment (more than fifteen hours per week) without written permission. Persons who decline the offer of a Louisville Institute Dissertation Fellowship are ineligible to reapply in a subsequent year. The Dissertation Fellowship program has no residence requirement. However, all fellows selected in 2018 are expected to participate in the Institute’s annual Winter Seminar scheduled for February 2019 (exact dates TBA). LI will pay travel and lodging expenses for this gathering. Please note that LI grantees may not simultaneously hold two grants or fellowships from Lilly Endowment-funded organizations that total more than $45,000.

All AIIS fellows will need to obtain certification of . Tax Residency, to certify that the fellowship recipient is a resident of the . and thus subject to the tax laws of the . and does not have to pay tax on the fellowship stipend in India. In order to obtain such certification, fellows will need to go to the IRS web site to fill out Form 8802 to be submitted to the IRS, which will then issue a Form 6166  which certifies that the individual listed on the application is a resident of the . for purposes of the income tax laws of the United States. Fellows will also be asked to fill out Form 10F for the Indian government.

Fellowships dissertation

fellowships dissertation


fellowships dissertationfellowships dissertationfellowships dissertationfellowships dissertation