Essays on the bracero program

Estragon is given perhaps the most minimal description in the play. He is only described as wearing "rags", walking with a limp (that eventually wears off) and being lighter than Vladimir. Because of his rather gluttonous nature, however, he is often played as being short and slightly fat (in comparison to the often tall and lanky Vladimir ). His clothes are usually a bit dirtier than Vladimir's as well, and seem to be in far worse condition. This interpretation is best attributed to his total lack of restraint and inhibitions (diving for food, sleeping in ditches, etc.).

I think Shannon’s article is a bit rosey. I worked as a day laborer in the picking sheds during my college years over summer harvest on the industrial farms in the San Joaquin Valley north of Bakersfield California from 1972 – 1975. I saw Chavez’s union “organizing” up close and personal rather late in the game and was struck by its intimidating tactics. First of all, there were ordinary hispanic families from the Delano area who hated Chavez. His organizing actions were perceived by many to be fearsome and divisive. A lot of folks felt trapped in a fight not of their own making. Chavez’s organizers would sometimes position themselves outside election booths during union elections, some  packed revolvers. Amongst a large percentage of the workers I knew –anglo and mexican alike– there was fear of both UFW and Teamster organizers. Ironically, Chavez’s organizers were supporters of very strict border controls, because it kept control of the influx of “illegals” who would be scooped up by the harvest crews–which kept a lot of families from unifying.  Chavez’s organizers would demonize the “tex-mex”  since the influx of migrants for the other border states of Arizona and Texas complicated UFW organizing. Curiously, there was a time when the promotional television shows that helped Chavez politically were funded by Zero Population Growth, a group related to Planned Parenthood. In sum, Chavez was no saint. On measure he might of been better than the Teamsters or the growers, but he ran a scary operation with some shady funders. 

Essays on the bracero program

essays on the bracero program


essays on the bracero programessays on the bracero programessays on the bracero programessays on the bracero program