Essays on neonatal nurses

I am a nursing -intended student, accepted at Rhode Island College and would have ended in 2016 with my BSN if I had financial support, but I have post poned my entry due to lack of finances. They really liked my profile and hard work, and since I tutor Biology and Math, it was a motivation for them too that I speak French and Italian.
My parents have tried their best, but it is sad that I work hard in school and it is not enough, because I need a scholarship but just because I am international, I feel sad paying twice what residents pay and not even getting a scholarship. Not even financial aid but scholarship.
Also being in my status, I cannot work here in the , other than at school, which is only in fall and spring semesters.
I always dreamt of coming here to be a surgeon but I am afraid this dream will not come true..please I might have to return to Africa if there is no help.

To whom it may concern, i am going to be a high school graduate from Hillsborough High school on July 4,2012. I am a first generation to finish high school and go to college. I want to go to college to start my degree in nursing. My goal in life is to become an RN and be able to gain experience that i can move my way up to top nurse of my floor in the hospital. i have a weighted GPA of and an un-weighted GPA of a . I have worked hard for so many years pushing myself through school, and all i know is my passion is caring for others and if im able to become a nurse, that will be the best thing in my life. I would really appreciate information on this nursing grant so i can get the help i need for school. I appreciate you taking time to read this, thank you.

Essays on neonatal nurses

essays on neonatal nurses


essays on neonatal nursesessays on neonatal nursesessays on neonatal nursesessays on neonatal nurses