Essays high cholesterol

In additional, aerobic exercise can help to control Type II diabetes because aerobic exercise can maintain metabolism of sucrose. Aerobic exercise also improves the functioning of the liver, most vital organs and helps to build up cholesterol. The research also shows that aerobic exercise also useful for brain and memory because aerobic exercise can bring additional glucose to the brain. Depression is the worse disease in the world and exercise can reduce depression. Depression may increase by overweight and stress. The research also indicates that persons can get good sleep if they do regular exercise because exercise helps to circulate blood in all body and it works to get better sleep.

Hi Zoe, I am really interested in your articles as my doctor recommended a cholesterol test recently as part of a regular physical.
I am 53, weigh 138 lbs, 5ft 6 in, blood pressure 120/80. Sugar levels are fine too. I’m several years post menopausal, and live in the tropics, although of British ancestry.
My results were 334 total, 223 triglycerides, 53 HDL, 236 LDL, 45 VLDL, risk .
My doctor said this was too high and recommended regular exercise (which I was not doing) and reduced saturated fat diet, (butter, red meat) and to eat more fruit, veg, pulses, olive oil, omega 3 in fish and also capsules, and garlic capsules. And she wants me to re test in three months.
My diet is actually not bad normally.
I don’t mind stepping up the exercise and avoiding a lot of refined carbs, but do you definitely think that the readings are not high?
Thanks, Rose

In, Hyperlipidemia which is high blood cholesterol, there is a greater chance of thinning of the blood vessels and blood clots occurring... Diabetes types 1 and 2 are high blood sugar levels that can harm the arteries... An individual who drink too much tends to have a higher blood pressure level and blood cholesterol level... For example, every overweight individual most likely has high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes type 2... Swedish experts described that healthy children can start to show a larger risk of future heart problems if they are bodily lazy....

Essays high cholesterol

essays high cholesterol


essays high cholesterolessays high cholesterolessays high cholesterolessays high cholesterol