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How To Study Effeciently

Have you ever failed a test because you didn’t study for whatever reason? Maybe you didn’t have time? Maybe your notes in inadequate or inacurate? Maybe you just don’t know how to study?

After I finish my demonstration speech, you will know what you need to takes notes and study effectively, How to take accurate and adequate notes, how to effectively study, and how to manage you time and find the best place to study.


In order to take good notes, you must have the right materials. The materials include : a textbook on the subject, loose leaf paper, binder, folder, dividers, enough pens and pencils, a pencil sharpener, a hi-lighter, a pencil case, or color box, (you’re never too old),and an open mind.


Now that you have your materials, organize them very well, so that you know where to find things. First, open your binder, set your loose leaf paper between the dividers. Put your folder in the front so that you can put worksheets or loose papers. Next, on the side, have your pencil case filled with enough pencils and pens on hand. Keep a pencil sharpener on hand, and a hi-lighter for important notes. Now that you are situated, you are ready to take notes.


Before class starts or at home, if you know what the lecture is on, try to read the chapter before class starts. In order to take good notes, you have to listen to what your instructor says. If you go ahead, you may either study too much or not enough. Highlight what you don’t understand and ask questions if you don’t know what something means. That is why the teacher is there. Listen carefully and remain focused. Try to sit near the front of the class so you won’t be distracted by rude classmates. Attend all classes if possible. If you can’t make sure to get the notes from somebody. A teacher will not run behind you to give them to you. Put a date and a heading on all pages of your notes, to keep them organizaed. Save yourself some times by using symbols and abbrevitions. (poster) Don’t use symbols you don’t know. Copy any and everything that is placed on the blackboard. Don’t try to squeeze...

Essay study

essay study


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