Essay on police brutality

Police Brutality results in the destruction of the communities trust... Most victims of police brutality are the poor and people of color. ... If police brutality were the result of a few bad cops, who were seen as disloyal to their police ethic, the offenders would be prosecuted, or at least removed from the police force... Police brutality is not limited to large cities, it is a national problem. The fact that district attorneys will not prosecute the police basically promotes all of this police brutality. ...

My aim is to raise questions about why black women’s lives remain illegible and why they are often seen as crazy. How can we discuss black women’s lives when the topic is police violence without more complete understandings about other forms of slow death, or black women’s efforts to survive? How might an analysis of the system of gendered social arrangements and power known as patriarchy 2 enrich our conversations about anti-black racism, police violence, and mental illness and wellness? Danner’s written cautionary is a prophetic reminder to attend to the experiences of black women before they culminate in early death.

Essay on police brutality

essay on police brutality


essay on police brutalityessay on police brutalityessay on police brutalityessay on police brutality