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Radical change has swept upon the Blackwoods through the agency of Merricat, ironically. The fire she sets causes the death of Uncle Julian; the sisters are forced to flee into the woods; villagers enter the private residence and vandalize it. Yet when the sisters return, in a tenderly elegiac scene, they discover that though most of the rooms are uninhabitable, all they require—a kitchen, primarily, where Constance can continue to prepare meals for Merricat—has been left intact. As if by magic the old house has been transformed: “Our house was a castle, turreted and open to the sky.” Against all expectations the Blackwood sisters are happy in their private paradise “on the moon.”

You can’t really talk about existential philosophy without talking about Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche was a major influence on Cioran and one of the most important philosophers of the 19th century. His philosophical novel Thus Spake Zarathustra contains a lot of elements that seem to influence True Detective . The central concept of this work is “eternal recurrence,” the idea that existence occurs over and over again and we will be forced to make the same decisions and suffer the same fates for all eternity. Rust Cohle paraphrases this exact idea in the series' fifth episode.

Essay lottery shirley jackson

essay lottery shirley jackson


essay lottery shirley jacksonessay lottery shirley jacksonessay lottery shirley jacksonessay lottery shirley jackson