Drama queen essay

And just in case you guys are wondering if Ankita will merely romance the actor in the movie, then you are highly mistaken. As we mentioned above, the actress has been signed to play the role of Jhalkaribai who was an integral part of Rani Laxmibai’s army. She was a Dalit woman soldier who rose to a prominent position in the Queen’s army because of her courage and valour. She was also the personal adviser to Rani Laxmibai and played a crucial role in the battle that took place at the Fort of Jhansi. Hence it’s evident that Ankita will join Kangana and Vaibhav in the battle sequences and she couldn’t have asked for a better role to mark her debut.  Also Read:  Ankita Lokhande’s transformation post breakup with Sushant in STUNNING!

"In conclusion I believe that Malcolm's description of her as a "fiend-like queen", is not a n entirely accurate representation of Lady Macbeth, contrary to my initial impression of her. This remark may have some truth to it as Lady Macbeth did manipulate Macbeth into doing the things he did, but she does realise finally the enormity what she has done. She regrets her actions and I don't think that regret is something that a 'fiend' would feel. The witches can be seen as more responsible for Macbeth's actions as they gave him the thought of murder even though it was Lady Macbeth that spurred him on. She died what she did out of love for her husband, so I don't think she is truly evil just someone overcome by ambition for her husband, who acted without thing of the consequences. Her final remorse reveals her human side rather than her 'fiend-like' qualities."

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Drama queen essay

drama queen essay


drama queen essaydrama queen essaydrama queen essaydrama queen essay