Brain drain in india essay pdf

Theoretically, she could exercise her rights as a flexible citizen, and follow her clientele to flashy playgrounds of the rich such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. Indeed, these old hubs of transportation and commerce are reinventing themselves as high-class tax shelters and playgrounds for Asia's plutocracy. But this is far from resolving the crisis of the nation-state, the original guarantor, in post-colonial India and China at least, of citizenship, rights, welfare and dignity - a gathering crisis that will affect everyone invested in Asia's political and economic stability.

After Justinian closed the Platonic Academy in AD 529, according to the historian Agathias, its remaining members sought protection from the Sassanid ruler, Khosrau I , carrying with them precious scrolls of literature, philosophy, and to a lesser degree, science. After the peace treaty between the Persian and the Byzantine empires in 532 guaranteed their personal security, some members of this group found sanctuary in the Pagan stronghold of Harran , near Edessa . One of the last leading figures of this group was Simplicius , a pupil of Damascius , the last head of the Athenian school. The students of an academy-in-exile may have survived into the ninth century, long enough to facilitate the Arabic revival of the Neoplatonist commentary tradition in Baghdad . [74]

Brain drain in india essay pdf

brain drain in india essay pdf


brain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdfbrain drain in india essay pdf