Board of directors research paper

Mr Meeùs was appointed as a Non-executive Director on 23 June 2014. Mr. Meeùs is currently acting as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Theolia, an independent international developer and operator of wind energy projects, of which he is a major shareholder. Since 2007, he has been a director within the Alcogroup SA Company (which gathers the ethanol production units of the Group), as well as within some of its subsidiaries. Before joining Alcogroup, Mr Meeùs carved out a career in the financial sector, at Chase Manhattan Bank in Brussels and London, then at Security Pacific Bank in London, then finally at Electra Kingsway Private Equity in London.

  An 1811 act put into law in the state of New York is generally considered to be the first instance of codifying the pre-existing practice of having elected directors serve a supervisory role of a corporation's management. The law reads that, “the stock , property and concerns of such company shall be managed and conducted by trustees, who, except those for the first year, shall be elected at such time and place as shall be directed by the laws of the said company…”. While this is the first law regarding a board of directors, the practice had been in place long beforehand with British companies.

Board of directors research paper

board of directors research paper


board of directors research paperboard of directors research paperboard of directors research paperboard of directors research paper