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Fork-marked lemurs (the genus Phaner ) are primates native to Madagascar . Weighing around 350 grams ( lb) or more, they are some of the largest members of the family of dwarf and mouse lemurs in the suborder Strepsirrhini . They have a dorsal forked stripe, dark rings around their eyes, and large membranous ears. Like other members of their family, they are nocturnal , and sleep in tree holes and nests during the day. Males are very vocal, making repeated calls at the beginning and end of the night. Monogamous pairing is typical; females are dominant, and are thought to have only one offspring every two years or more. Fork-marked lemurs run quadrupedally across branches in a wide variety of habitats, ranging from dry deciduous forests to rainforests . Their diet consists primarily of tree gum and other exudates , though they may obtain some of their protein by hunting small arthropods later at night. Three of the four species are endangered and the other is listed as vulnerable . Their populations are in decline due to habitat destruction . ( Full article... )

Invincible (2001):  Debuting at number one in 13 countries, Invincible went on to sell nearly eight million copies worldwide. Shortly before the album's release, Michael Jackson told Tommy Mottola, the head of Sony Music Entertainment, that he would not be renewing his contract with them. All subsequent single releases, video shoots and promotions for the album were then cancelled. This led to Jackson tagging Mottola as a 'devil' who did not support African American Artists, and used black artists for his own personal gain. His increasingly eccentric image and the lack of promotion for the album conspired to make this album less successful than his previous releases.

So he's basically saying nowadays people just don't have that motivation or that thing that says, "This is it, and I'm going to make this the best thing, and I'm going to do the best at this thing. I'm gonna be better at this thing than anybody else." And I don't know if that's a symptom of the iPhone, disconnected generation, the Facebook age or if it's something that every person that reaches my age looks back and sees in the upcoming generations. You remember your grandfather bitching about, "These kids, they think this and that," walking up hills in the snow both ways [to school], all that crap. But I think somewhere along the line I understood that, and it might be inspiration from my father, from my mother, I don't know... But if you're gonna play Monopoly, you're in it all the way. No matter where you land. It doesn't matter if you don't own Park Place. If you decided to play, you're gonna play it better than you did yesterday and better than the person next to you.

Biography book report

biography book report


biography book reportbiography book reportbiography book reportbiography book report