Benjamin franklin moral perfection essay

The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it, so as to become habits ready on all occasions; for life is a kind of Chess, in which we have often points to gain, and competitors or adversaries to contend with, and in which there is a vast variety of good and ill events, that are, in some degree, the effect of prudence, or the want of it. By playing at Chess then, we may learn: 1st, Foresight, which looks a little into futurity, and considers the consequences that may attend an action ... 2nd, Circumspection, which surveys the whole Chess-board, or scene of action: - the relation of the several Pieces, and their situations; ... 3rd, Caution, not to make our moves too hastily.

In the twenty-year period described in Hooker's two sequel novels, Hawkeye becomes notably more conservative politically (he supported Republican "Crazy Horse" Weinstein for governor of Maine and railed against people with "Recall Ford" bumper stickers), but remains as playful and humorous as ever. His golf game improves to an eight handicap depending on the time of year. He donates heavily to various causes, such as to needy children, to the re-education of a local clamdigger, and spends an inordinate amount of time caring for his patients.

Franklin’s second child, Francis Folger Franklin, died at age 4 from smallpox. His youngest child, Sarah (Sally), married Richard Bache (against her father’s advice), and had seven children. She also was active in the Revolution, supervising the sewing of 2,200 shirts for American soldiers. She took care of Franklin upon his return to Philadelphia from Paris, and after he died, sold the diamonds from a miniature portrait of Louis XVI to travel to London for the first time. In 1794 the Bache family moved to a farm outside of Philadelphia on the Delaware River, and Sally died in 1808.

Benjamin franklin moral perfection essay

benjamin franklin moral perfection essay


benjamin franklin moral perfection essaybenjamin franklin moral perfection essaybenjamin franklin moral perfection essaybenjamin franklin moral perfection essay